Application and Implementation Report Forms for Promis Seminars

If you would like to organise a Promise seminar, please fill in the application forms below and submit to Promis Secretariat.
Please note that an implementation report submission after the seminar is compulsory for the applicant.

Promis Seminar Application Download (only available in Japanese)
  • Only applications from faculty members affiliated with the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Promis Research Fellows and Cooperative Researchers, as well as JSPS Postdoctoral Fellows who graduated from the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, are accepted. In the case of seminars organised by students or external researchers, we ask that applications be made by those positions mentioned above.
Promis Seminar Implementation Report Download (only available in Japanese)
  • The implementation report should be submitted to the Promis Secretariat by the due date two weeks after the seminar was held.
Basic Policy for Recording and Disclosure of Seminars Organised or Co-organised by the Research Institute for Promoting Intercultural Studies (PROMIS) (only available in Japanese)